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Come in today for more than just auto parts

At J & D Automotive Inc, you'll get more than just quality parts for every need. While it's true that you'll find a huge selection of both foreign and domestic auto parts for all vehicle makes and models, that's far from all you can get when you come to us.


Check out some of our machine shop services that you can take advantage of. If you have any questions, make sure to call us today.

Let us test your battery for you

If you have a suspicion that your battery isn't working properly, bring it in for battery testing as part of our diagnostic services. If you need a new one, our team can happily recycle your old battery for you.

Get brake drum and rotor resurfacing services

Your brakes are your vehicle's most important safety feature, and you shouldn't drive if they aren't up to par. Keep your brakes working properly by letting us resurface your brake drums and rotors when they need it.

Our team of automotive part experts has over 27 years in business to provide you with all of the product knowledge you need.

Want a specific part? Get same day auto parts availability from our helpful store!


Get parts for all your auto needs

Whether you're looking for top quality OE equivalent parts, or even standard replacement parts, you'll find a great selection from top manufacturers inside the friendly confines of our store.

What can I get? Why do I want it? Why should I choose you?

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